June 22, 2022

Planhat is a G2 Leader along the entire customer journey

Planhat is a G2 Leader along the entire customer journey

Planhat is a G2 Leader along the entire customer journey

Planhat is a G2 Leader along the entire customer journey

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

G2 just released their Summer Report and Planhat ended up with five big reasons to celebrate. Our users rate us so high that we are considered a G2 Leader in the following categories:

  • Customer Data Platform

  • Client Onboarding Software

  • Customer Success Software

  • Client Portal

  • Customer Revenue Optimization

Behind the celebrations and badges, there is a more profound meaning to this: it proves we are on the right path.

We are aiming to build a next-generation customer platform to help companies more efficiently manage and grow their customers. Ultimately, this should lead to improvements in our user's Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

You could call it a North Star, a vision, a mission, or whatever you feel fit, but to put it simply: this is what we do.


How do we do this?

  • By helping companies gather customer data

  • By helping companies onboard new customers

  • By helping CS teams keep track of key metrics

  • By helping companies collaborate with their customers for a great customer experience

  • By giving companies a strong revenue focus where they can identify upsell opportunities, and align on customer-facing processes.

Planhat is the customer platform that lets you guide your users along their entire customer journey. From the first steps of data collection, via onboarding and customer success, to collaboration functions for a better customer experience and optimized revenue when everybody sees the same customer data.

So this is what we say that we do, but how good are we at doing it? What do our users say? And how do we score in the G2 Summer Report 2022?

Let's have a look:

Planhat is a leading Customer Data Platform

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are used to consolidate and integrate customer data into one single database (G2's definition).

Planhat is a leading Customer Data Platform, meaning users give us a strong satisfaction score combined with a strong market presence. We are also a Momentum leader which shows we are on a very strong growth trajectory. Besides that, Planhat is considered a High Performer for all types of companies searching for a Customer Data Platform: Small-Business, Mid-Market, and Enterprise. And finally, the award that makes us the proudest: The badge for Users Love us.

One of our customers, Edwin Geerling, is the Head of Customer Success & Product at 12Build, and he says:

"Having all your customer data in one place is a big win. Planhat is like an extra team member that always knows what's up with our customers and what the next action should be."
Planhat improves the onboarding experience

Client onboarding software helps companies manage post-sales activities related to the delivery of the services sold by the company (G2's definition).

Planhat’s functions for creating a great onboarding experience got so great reviews that it made us a Leader in the category for Client Onboarding Software. Particularly Mid-Market companies appreciate Planhat’s features. In total, Planhat got so much praise in this category it gave us a Users Love Us badge.

For Richard Crosby, Solutions Manager at UBIO, Planhat has greatly improved the onboarding process:

"Moving from a basic, spreadsheet-based system to a complete solution has massively improved our appearance to customers and their experience with the product. Planhat is great for improving the onboarding experience."
Planhat’s scalability for Customer Success Teams stands out

Customer success software is used by businesses to ensure, through interactions with the company, that customers achieve the outcome that enterprises anticipate them to reach as they use the product (G2's definition)

Planhat originated from the Customer Success industry, and that becomes obvious when looking at this year's G2 Summer Report. We got awarded a total of 15 (!) badges in the category of Customer Success Software.

Noticeable is the praise we get from customers within Enterprise-companies. Best Usability, Easiest To Use, Best Meets Requirements, Most Implementable, Easiest Setup, Fastest Implementation, Highest User Adoption, Easiest Admin and Best Support are all badges based on reviews from Enterprise users.

Lauren Presley, Head of Customer Success Director at Preezie, uses Planhat to create a more effective Customer Success function:

"Planhat has allowed us to consolidate all data into one single platform. We can now create even more detailed health metrics which will allow us to try to scale the customer success function."
Planhat’s client portal is great for customer collaboration

Client portal software serve as a gateway for a business and its clients, where each party can interact with one another remotely (G2's definition).

Great customer experience is often built on a strong foundation of communication, transparency, and shared goals. Therefore, a client portal where a business and its clients can interact remotely is becoming increasingly important.

At Planhat, we have created Customer Portals to facilitate this process, and we're happy to be ranked as a Leader in the space (competing with niche client portal software) and also be awarded the Users Love Us badge.

For Alicia Quezada, FP&A Success Manager at Abacum, Planhat’s Portal has proven to be a great tool for client collaborations:

“I love the existence of the Portal, it is a tool that we use to centralize the subjects discussed with other clients and we always receive praise for that.”

Planhat excels in Customer Revenue Optimization

Customer revenue optimization (CRO) software helps sales organizations increase revenue from key accounts by aligning with other customer-facing functions, such as marketing and customer service, to become an extended revenue team (G2's definition).

Sales are not only for sales. Far from it. In any software company working towards a customer-centric culture, your customer's success should be a priority for all departments, from sales to CS, marketing, finance, and beyond. And when you are able to align all customer-facing functions, possible upsells are easier to identify.

Planhat is built to help teams increase revenue by increasing customer growth, so to get a Leader badge in the category for Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) software is a big stamp of approval for us. And even more so is the fact that the reviews are so strong in this category that it rewards us with a badge for Users Love Us.

Julián Bender, Chief Revenue Officer at Sirena, uses Planhat to manage all their CX experience:

“Planhat is easy to integrate and has all the features you need to scale your CX team. We manage everything, from onboarding to expanding accounts. It also helps us prevent churn thanks to the great playbooks they allow you to set up.”

Planhat… Powering Customer Growth

It is truly impossible to overstate the importance of customer success and Net Revenue Retention as it relates to the overall health of a company. As such, it’s essential to equip your teams with the right tools to be successful. That’s why at Planhat we have developed an all-in-one customer platform that is simple and easy to use. We provide the data, insights, and workflows to ensure your customers are set up for long-lasting relationships and long-term success. Sign up for a demo today to learn more.

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas has over a decade of experience in marketing and media. Prior to Planhat, he ran the leading Stockholm-based communications agency, Make Your Mark, and was Editor in Chief of Aller Media, where he digitised and scaled one of Sweden's most notable lifestyle and media brands, Café.