September 12, 2023

G2 Fall Report 2023: Planhat is the leading customer platform

G2 Fall Report 2023: Planhat is the leading customer platform

G2 Fall Report 2023: Planhat is the leading customer platform

G2 Fall Report 2023: Planhat is the leading customer platform

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

The long-awaited G2 Fall Report 2023 is here, and we are excited to announce that Planhat's customer platform has once again received global recognition. Thanks to the immense support and G2 reviews from our users, we have achieved G2 Leader status in eight different categories:

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Data Platform”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Success Software”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Client Portal”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Subscription Revenue Management”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Client Onboarding Software”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Revenue Optimization”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Journey Mapping”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Data Quality”

This blog post will explore the categories where Planhat has been acknowledged as a leader and highlight the platform's key features and advantages.

A complete Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) integrate all customer data, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their customers. With this valuable knowledge, companies can effectively predict the optimal next move to enhance customer retention.

At Planhat, we pride ourselves on our leader badge in the G2 Fall Report 2023 category for Customer Data Platforms, demonstrating our commitment to helping you retain your customers. With Planhat, you gain a unified view of all essential information - conversations, notes, license data, activity data, and more - conveniently accessible in one place. Moreover, our platform seamlessly integrates with your preferred applications, enabling complete visibility and control over your customer information.

Planhat: a top Customer Success platform

Customer success software is crucial for companies aiming to enhance customer retention, identify upsell opportunities, and facilitate systematic growth of the customer base.

Planhat is widely recognized as a leading platform in the market, as evidenced by its ranking in the G2 Fall Report 2023. In summary, Planhat's comprehensive platform seamlessly aggregates data, empowers action, and delivers valuable insights to customer success teams, enabling them to shape a stronger customer experience, reducing churn, and improving net revenue retention.

Planhat is the leading Client Portal

Client portals are essential for modern businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement through a comprehensive solution for document sharing, project updates, and seamless communication.

Planhat's highly acclaimed client portal, ranked #1 by G2 reviewers, sets itself apart from the competition. It provides a robust platform for driving product adoption and customer trust. Planhat’s portal empowers you to create collaborative workspaces and share success plans, usage dashboards, and playbooks, ensuring alignment and delivering consistent results for all stakeholders.

Planhat is the #1 platform for Subscription Revenue Management

Subscription revenue management software is an indispensable tool for companies that offer subscription-based products. It plays a crucial role in determining the factors that influence customer retention and attrition.

With Planhat's subscription revenue management platform – ranked #1in G2 Fall Report 2023 – you can track gross churn, net retention, and more metrics. The platform's user-friendly interface allows you to analyze data by cohort, monitor development over time, and forecast future churn and expansion. This comprehensive view provides valuable insights into the health of your renewal base, empowering you to plan for the future confidently.

Planhat is a top client onboarding software

Regardless of the business sector, having reliable Client Onboarding Software that facilitates seamless software implementations and streamlines client onboarding processes can be invaluable.

With Planhat's powerful and intuitive platform, you can efficiently manage and optimize the entire customer onboarding journey using customized playbooks and our customer portal. By ensuring a smooth and satisfying onboarding experience for clients right from the start, customer satisfaction levels will likely soar, and adoption rates will be significantly boosted. It's no wonder that Planhat has earned the impressive reputation of being ranked #2 among client onboarding software in the market by G2 users.

Planhat is a premier solution for Customer Revenue Optimization

The Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) software can enhance sales revenue by promoting alignment among customer-facing teams through facilitating effective communication across departments.

Planhat has been widely recognized by the G2 community as a leading choice for businesses seeking an effective CRO software solution, earning the platform an impressive #3 ranking in its category for Customer Revenue Optimization. With Planhat's collaborative platform and unlimited seats licensing model, businesses can comprehensively understand their customers, opening up increased revenue opportunities.

Transforming Customer Journey Mapping

Companies seeking a comprehensive understanding of their customers' experience can benefit significantly from customer journey mapping software. This software allows businesses to delve into the details of the customer's journey, providing valuable insights and actionable data for informed decision-making and improved customer satisfaction. With customer journey mapping software, companies can uncover pain points, identify moments of delight, and optimize touchpoints to deliver an exceptional experience.

Planhat lets you visualize and configure your entire customer journey. With customizable dashboards, you can easily access the data you need to optimize your strategy. Also, Planhat’s user interface lets you create a comparative overview of your entire portfolio across multiple dimensions in one convenient view. No wonder Planhat is rated a Leader in the G2 Fall Report 2023 in the category of Customer Journey Mapping.

Better Data Quality with Planhat

Data quality software plays a critical role in helping businesses establish and maintain the highest standards for data integrity. These innovative solutions ensure that data aligns with the complex requirements of industry, market, or in-house regulations, thereby enhancing the overall reliability of information for crucial business operations. Businesses can make informed decisions and confidently drive success by providing a comprehensive system to cleanse and validate data.

Planhat boasts a distinctive 3-level permissioning system and purpose-built data layer, ensuring utmost security. It also offers automated data cleaning and structuring, advanced automation, and reporting features that have earned Planhat the esteemed Leader badge in the G2 Fall Report 2023 for Data Quality.

Discover why Planhat is a leader in the G2 Fall Report 2023

Not only has Planhat been widely recognized as a leader in eight categories, but we have also attained the esteemed High Performing status in the G2 category for Product Analytics. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing a fully integrated customer platform, empowering you with actionable insights derived from your valuable customer data.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo here, or have a look at G2 to see what other users are saying.

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas has over a decade of experience in marketing and media. Prior to Planhat, he ran the leading Stockholm-based communications agency, Make Your Mark, and was Editor in Chief of Aller Media, where he digitised and scaled one of Sweden's most notable lifestyle and media brands, Café.