October 12, 2023

Planhat Power Users: Take Action with data

Planhat Power Users: Take Action with data

Planhat Power Users: Take Action with data

Planhat Power Users: Take Action with data

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Earlier this year, we announced the Planhat Power User Certification, a four-course program designed to equip Planhat's Power Users with the skills they need to make the most of our platform.

Now, we are excited to announce the release of our second course - "Take Action With Data"!

Building upon the first course that covered data organization in Planhat, this new course will empower you to leverage data effectively and teach you how to get the most out of Planhat's newly released Workflows platforms.

Here's what you'll learn if you enroll:

  • The different ways you can take data driven action in Planhat

  • How to build world class workflows to manage your customers

  • How to automate customer management

Want to know more about the Planhat Power User Certification and the "Take Action With Data" course? Well, we had the chance to chat with Rob Argiro, Enablement Manager at Planhat, who played a crucial role in this project.

Let's dive in!

Hey Rob! As a Planhat user, what can I expect to learn from this course?

– Today, Planhat customers manage relationships with over 40 million humans around the world, which is why we are taking what we did in Course 1 ("Organise customer data") and building on top of that. This course will show you how to utilize your customer data and take value-driven action at the right time, to the right customers, and with the right message, all through the effective use of the Workflow platform.

Why is this knowledge key for anyone working with customer data?

– Customer Success starts and ends with data, but it is really that intersection between data and action where you experience customer success. Course 1 was all about organising your data so now we are move over to taking action with it - ultimately data is worth nothing if you do not do something with it and Planhat is a very powerful tool for bringing data to life. 

This will improve your skills on:

  • Automatically sending notifications to team members and creating/assigning tasks to team members based on real-time data.

  • Creating Projects that drive towards an objective with multiple connected steps and Sequences that drive towards a goal with automatically sent emails, all of which can include conditional logic and branching.

  • Creating Campaigns to communicate a consistent message to End Users.

  • Sending NPS Surveys to receive customer feedback.

  • Collecting data / creating tickets in order to gather data within Planhat in an easy-to-follow form for your team members.

Can anyone enroll in this course?

- Yes, you must be a Planhat customers and you have to complete Course 1 first…if you haven’t already!

What should I do if I have already enrolled but have not finished Course 1 yet?

- Finish Course 1, and then jump into Course 2.  The former is a prerequisite, as you need to have a solid foundation of organized data in order to take action on it.

What’s next after Course 2?

– We’re finalizing Course 3, titled “Telling Stories with Data”, which is planned to be released later this month. Of course, this will be followed up by the fourth and final course of the Power User Certification “Customise your tenant” in the new year.

How has the launch of the Planhat Power User Certification impacted Planhat’s community?

– It had an immediate impact, as many people have seen on LinkedIn where people share their badges as they finish the courses. It has also impacted our Customer Community, elevating the discussions centered around the topics of our courses, with people sharing their knowledge with other Planhat users around the world.

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas has over a decade of experience in marketing and media. Prior to Planhat, he ran the leading Stockholm-based communications agency, Make Your Mark, and was Editor in Chief of Aller Media, where he digitised and scaled one of Sweden's most notable lifestyle and media brands, Café.