Ingmar Zahorsky on Scaling Customer Success

About 2 years ago, Ingmar Zahorsky left his job at Zendesk after a friend of his sold him on the idea of moving to Berlin and working to help build a startup company called ChartMogul. A company that is now only 3 years old and continues to grow rapidly. Their team, now numbering 25, is expected to grow to 40 in 2018.

On his way to becoming the Director of Customer Success at ChartMogul, Ingmar has had many different types of jobs and roles, from working in journalism and media, to doing documentary films, traveling around the work teaching, and then eventually finding his way to Zendesk in a role that was called customer success just yet.

It seems like a strange path to working in customer success, but all of these roles have one common thread - they require the genuine skill and desire to help others learn and support them throughout the process.

In our interview, we spoke about not just his past roles that led him to ChartMogul, but also about the challenges of scaling a team, how he has learned to adjust his customer success strategy with a quite data heavy approach, and some of his best practices and advice.

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