Success Inbox

Deliver a personal experience at scale

One inbox for all your customer conversations, seamlessly integrating with your customer communication tools. Stay on top of what is said to whom and when.


Multi-channel communication

Centralize all customer communication in one place and transparently coordinate between all your teams. Assign emails for accountability and quickly coordinate with internal comments.


Customized inboxes for your teams

Customize inboxes and automatically filter all new customer cancellations or feature requests across all channels and inboxes.

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Designed for customer success

Share email templates with your colleagues. See email open rates. Use Planhat as your email client. Designed for customer success professionals.


Share inboxes across your team

Enable shared inboxes such as support@ or success@ or hello@ with your colleagues. Convenient and powerful when combined with templates, internal notes and ability to assign emails.

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Communicate with your
customers like it’s 2020!

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