Cisco Customer Experience Advanced Specialization with Planhat

Planhat helps Cisco partners achieve Cisco Customer Experience Advanced Specialization

Cisco is increasingly moving from hardware to software, requiring new ways of working for Cisco Partners. Through Cisco’s Customer Experience Specialization, Cisco Partners can develop new skill sets to drive recurring revenue and build a Customer Success practice.

The specialization provides partners significant benefits including rebates from Cisco. To pass the Specialization Audit, a crucial requirement is rolling out a Customer Success software like Planhat. Planhat has helped several leading Cisco Partners through the audit.

Capture opportunities through the lifecycle

The specialization opens new opportunities for Cisco Partners to interact with customers, create value, and impact customer business outcomes.


Drive revenue with Cisco incentives

Companies must reinvent their business to improve customer experience. As part of Cisco encouraging Partners to increase focus on Customer Success, Cisco is now offering its most extensive incentive scheme ever. Planhat will help you pass the audit!


Requirements for Cisco Customer Experience

Advanced Specialization

Planhat brings you the software, set up for the processes, required to be eligible for Customer Experience Advanaced Specialization.


  • 3 Cisco certified CSMs

  • 1 Renewal manager

  • 1 CS practice leader

  • Executive sponsor


  • CS methodology

  • Renewal management

  • Onboarding

  • CS metrics and QBR


  • Playbooks

  • Customer Profiles

  • Customer Monitoring

  • Upsell Opportunities Triggers

  • Churn Risk Triggers

  • Product Engagement

  • Customer Health Scores

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