Getting Started with Planhat

In a typical set-up, implementation takes 1-3 weeks. That said we've seen implementations take anywhere between a few hours and several months. It mostly depends on your own responsiveness and the complexity and size of the implementation.

When possible we recommend starting small and then building out, not only will your time to value be significantly reduced, but the insights gained from starting to use Planhat will most certainly affect your view on what modules to roll out next.

Based on extensive experience with SaaS B2B roll-outs over the past 10 years, we also know that "implementation completed" is something of a theoretical notion in a subscription business like ours (and likely yours). We expect continuous collaboration and adjustments as your needs change over time.

Step 1: Get your customer success data into Planhat

It all starts with your data. Getting it into Planhat is fast and easy, whether you import, use our API, add manually or sync with the other tools you're using such as email, CRM and support tickets. As soon as the base data is loaded you'll start to see the benefits.

Set up a few different customer segments, create playbooks, and let Planhat surprise you by how much insight can be extracted when combining data from all of your different tools.


Works well if you have less than 100 customers. You get full control over the data entry and it's also a great opportunity to clean up your data in case it's not 100% organized today.

Excel Import

Make a copy of our excel import template and add your data, upload in the app and you're done! 2. Full Import

CRM Sync

In case you already have your customer data in Salesforce or another CRM supported by Planhat and would like the platforms to sync – this would be the right option.

Rest Api

If you're a developer you might find a simple POST to our API the most convenient solution. For authentication and other general API details please see our online docs.

Step 2: (optional but recommended) Track users and usage and health

Most likely you'll want to know what your customers are up to. Trigger alerts for up-sell opportunities, early warning etc. Select from one of three different ways to get your usage data into Planhat.

Open API

Sending data to our API directly from your server the most robust, flexible and stright forward approach, if you have the capability to push user events from your own backend. Sending data from you back-end also opens up a world of opportunities for custom metrcis not directly related to user activities. Read more in our online docs.

Tracking Script

Planhat comes with a tracking script just like Google Analytics, Mixpanel and all the other providers out there. It's a quick and easy solution in cases where you cannot send the events from your server, or in the rare cases where what you want to track doesn't touch your servers. Read more in our online docs.


Planhat is a Segment partner. If you're a Segment customer then flipping the switch in Segment is usually all it takes. Read more in our online docs.

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