How Abacum creates a better customer experience with Customer Portals

Stronger customer relationships

Improved onboarding

Increase in upsells


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Alicia Quezada

Alicia Quezada

Success Manager

When we discovered the Customer Portals we knew it: this is exactly what we needed. Now we can ensure success for us, and for our customers.

Abacum is a collaborative strategic finance software that helps finance teams to plan, report, analyze, and share relevant information. With this, they are able to drive better and faster decisions and deliver business insights that boost productivity and strategic impact within their organization. Since its founding in 2020, the company has scaled quickly with customers on four continents. And with this growth, scaling can easily become a challenge. Therefore, Abacum needed to build a Customer Success organization.

"We needed a tool to help us with everything. Analytics, account planning, collaboration, health scores, and customer journeys all the way from onboarding to adoption to success."

In 2022, the management at Abacum decided to formalize their Customer Success organization. They needed a solution that could help them scale up their post-sales journey, manage accounts, and drive adoption and retention of their customers. Another big pain point was the lack of collaboration. It is a core aspect of Abacum’s own tool so it was frustrating not to be able to share customer data and communications internally, or to have a shared workspace with their customers.

  • Rapid growth means increased pressure on the organization.

  • A need to set up a scalable CS function.

  • Need for a tool that enables collaboration and gives a holistic view of the customers.

"We saw a very quick time to value. It was very easy to bring all the data into Planhat, and all the necessary integrations were already in place."

Abacum’s vision was to bring in as many colleagues as possible to Planhat, which was made easy by the pricing model based on unlimited seating. Today, close to 50 users across different departments - from FP&A to marketing, product and the UX-team – log in to the platform. The flexibility of Planhat, allowing different departments to adapt it for their different needs, is very much in line with the product Abacum is developing for their customers.

  • Fast implementation to ensure a quick time to value.

  • Creating a health score to identify customers that need attention.

  • Maximizing the value of unlimited seating by inviting different departments.

"Using Planhat to onboard new customers has been the cherry on the cake. With the playbooks, each task triggers another task that triggers the following task. It creates a clear and effective process."

With Planhat, Alicia Quezada and her colleagues at Abacum got the versatile and flexible tool they were looking for. During onboarding, playbooks are used to create a clear and effective process. Once the onboarding process has passed and the customer has entered the next phase of their journey, Abacum leverages Planhat’s Customer Portals to create the collaborative customer experience that is important to them and to identify expansion opportunities.

  • Stronger customer relationships by using Customer Portals.

  • More upsell potential is identified via clearly defined success plans.

  • Better onboarding experience by using Playbooks and automations.


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