How PushPress achieves maximum value from doing less

Increased upsells

Took control of data

Proactive client management

Transparent metrics

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Gavin Danfelt-Martin

Gavin Danfelt-Martin

Director of Customer Success

PushPress’ needs harmonized really well with Planhat – we saw a lot of similarities in our values.

PushPress is a US based startup which aims to disrupt and innovate the health and fitness industry. Its mission is to make gym management the easiest part of starting a fitness business through its suite of gym-focused SaaS products.

Today, PushPress provides 2000+ gyms, and thousands of gym members, and staff, with software that delivers extraordinary and personalized experiences via automations and other AI enhanced processes. A data-led way of working that made them a perfect customer for Planhat.

"Working with smaller businesses, and with our monthly subscription model, make it more of a numbers game – the rules for churn are different."

For Gavin Danfelt-Martin, Director of Customer Success, transforming how PushPush managed and used its customer data was essential in the pursuit of increasing revenue and decreasing churn. The PushPress CS team needed to go from a reactive model of customer success to one of being proactive.

  • Become proactive, rather than reactive – and improve retention rates.

  • Automate manual processes and free CSM time for upselling.

  • Be able to track customers and use triggers across multiple products.

  • Provide a personal touch to many small businesses with minimal touchpoints.

"Planhat has really helped the onboarding team know when to trigger certain steps, and which emails to send. Which is especially important when you are introducing a new product and don’t want to lose traction with your customers."

Automations and triggers across multiple products, is helping PushPress make processes such as onboarding and upselling easier. Plus, transparency of success metrics is enabling PushPress to monitor how well customers are adopting a product and if their usage is growing. While, the leadership team can now see how customer success is contributing to the overall revenue of the business.

  • Planhat’s flexibility and pricing model gives every department access.

  • The customer portal provides a client facing element the business lacks.

  • Customer success is able to trigger playbooks for upselling products.

  • The leadership team gets a clear overview and actionable insights.

"Planhat enables us to have greater use of metrics, which aid our overall business transparency. For example, we have triggers which help us notice depreciating NRR and can now act on that in a timely manner."

Thanks to automations and accessibility of data within Planhat, the PushPress team is now far more efficient, and CSMs perform fewer time-consuming repetitive tasks. Enabling the CS team to spend more on customers’ who have the greatest impact on NRR – both for renewals and upselling.

  • Boosted NRR thanks to greater use of success metrics.

  • Increases in upsells due to data triggers.

  • Automations, playbooks, and triggers are freeing CSM time.

  • Customers at risk are easily identified, resulting in lower churn.

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