How Qulture.Rocks achieved an NPS of 78 with Planhat

Customer Portals creates better CX

Improved CS capacity

Increase in onboarding NPS


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Fernanda Portes

Fernanda Portes

Customer Success Manager

Planhat was love at first sight. I really felt that it was made by CS-professionals, for CS-professionals.

Qulture.Rocks is a fully customizable performance management solution that helps growing companies manage and track goals, build development plans for employees, and more. It is a platform that suits your culture, not the other way around.

“We were looking for a platform that could help us to standardize processes, create email templates, build automations, and ultimately reduce churn and drive upsales.”

Qulture.Rocks realized that they were inefficiently using and sharing their data. They also struggled with inconsistencies within the company and they needed a solution to improve their ISMs’ and CSMs’ processes and workflow.

  • Inefficient use of customer data.

  • Inconsistent processes for customer management.

“We used to spend two hours for each customer handover. Today, with the Customer Portal, we have access to all critical information of the customer. Now, we can do it in 20 minutes!"

Qulture.Rocks streamlined its customer success processes by creating Playbooks and custom tasks for different parts of the customer journey, enabling them to focus on customers who need attention. As part of this, Qulture.Rocks was also able to streamline the onboarding process, by leveraging the Customer Portal and enabling a more fluid process which improved the customer experience.

  • Enabling collaboration with the Customer Portal.

  • Streamlining processes by creating Playbooks.

  • Centralized communication across teams.

"Planhat is the perfect platform to register crucial information about the customer and to manage accounts."

With Planhat, Qulture.Rocks has been able to centralize all customer data. This has been vital in maintaining a real-time pulse on their customer health and it has improved the onboarding customer experience.

  • Customer Portal creates stronger customer relationships.

  • Improved onboarding experience.

  • Centralized customer data.

  • Increased efficiency.