Performance reporting and forecasting in real time

Planhat is the next-generation tool for finance teams in B2B SaaS, allowing teams to get closer to the real-time events and the true performance. All revenue data, and SaaS metrics like net retention, gross churn and logo churn, updated live and flexible as never before.


Manage revenue like it’s 2020

No more painful pivot tables and heavy spreadsheets. Use Planhat for all your subscription revenue metrics. Slice data by cohorts, view development over time, forecast renewals and upsales, and see the health of your future revenue base.

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Report on SaaS metrics in real time

Get a quick overview over your renewals, churn or new bookings. Report on your SaaS metrics in real time. Learn about net retention, gross churn and logo churn.


Forecasts based on customer health

Forecast your subscription business with Planaht. Get visibility into future renewals and at-risk accounts. Forecast on a license level or fall back on Planhat’s crafty projection scenarios. No more guessing, get a forecast based on an accurate Health Score.


Get visibility on invoicing

Get visibility on upcoming, pending and overdue invoices. Significant balances due in two months, with poor health? Take action! Work closely with your customer success managers to ensure you get paid, in time.


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for finance teams

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