Get product teams closer to customer reality

Through Planhat, product teams get closer to the reality of the customer. Planhat helps product teams understand product and user adoption, follow customer queries and interactions in real time, and through our native feature request module, product teams can align the product roadmap with the customer needs!


Understand users to help them thrive!

Planhat will help you track adoption across the user and customer journey, help you understand how your users are using your products, offer user guidance, and back up recommendations on additional products and services.

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Align the roadmap with customer needs

Track product issues and feature requests from your customers. Prioritize issues, tag customers to product issues, feed issues into your development lifecycle, and track the development status. Visualize your product roadmap based on feature requests directly from your customers. Use Planhat align your product roadmap to customer needs!

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Integrate your favorite development tools

Push feature ideas and requests directly to Jira for pick-up and delivery by your developers. With our two-way integration, Planhat users are also, in Planhat, able to follow the progress of issues that have been pushed into Jira.

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Communicate your product roadmap

Not only can your customer success managers feed customer feedback to your product teams. Planhat will also alert customer success managers when issues are complete, and help them give the good news to eager customers, in time.

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Get your product team closer
to customer reality

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