Game 3: VP of Customer Success

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a VP of Customer Success (CS)?

Three CS leaders was challenged with an interactive scenario where they are dropped in as the new VP of CS at a fast-scaling SaaS company. Watch them discuss how they’d face each task, share their thought process and answer questions from the audience as we go. 

Watch the session to learn how to: 

  1. Teach your organization how to forecast churn, renewals and expansions

  2. What to do when you think your segmentation is out of date

  3. Compensate your CS team depending on their responsibilities and geographies

  4. Create a repeatable winback playbook for your biggest customers

  5. And much more…


Christian Jakenfelds has had multiple different customer-facing roles. He joined Tessian as one of their first CSMs and this is where he saw how CS is the engine for growth in SaaS businesses. He now works with Planhat in the UK market and has been named one of the top 100 CS Influencers in 2022.


Nicole Baxby is a Customer Success executive with 15+ years of experience building, developing, and leading high performing Customer Success teams in fast-paced environments. She has a proven reputation as a driven, creative, outcome-focused leader that specializes in leveraging technology to increase efficiency, building lasting relationships based on trust and creating a culture that puts the customer at the center of an organization.

Nick Chang brings over 30 years of extensive experience in worldwide field services, customer success, professional service, portfolio management, business strategy and partner management. As the VP of Global Customer Success at Aryaka, Nick is responsible for the growth and maturity of the company’s $100M+ ARR business as he leads the strategy and execution of all phases of the customer journey. 

Malin Skoglund has 15 years of experience as a sales and customer success SaaS leader. She’s scaled businesses from earlier stages all the way through IPO, across different countries and continents. She’s been responsible for over $50M ARR and a 100+ member global organization. Malin is a commercial no-nonsense leader who has a knack for building and managing high performing teams.

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Game 3: VP of Customer Success

Watch our third “CS Hotseat” session as three leaders explore what it takes to be a VP of Customer Success.

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